Architectural Design & Styles

Mention industrial design and the Santa & Cole company is bound to come up in the top of mind fashion. The Barcelona, Spain firm has been concentrating on the industrial design business since 1985. A major difference, though, is the company's strong focus on designing lighting fixtures. They are street furniture suppliers with a difference.

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Why the World Fascination with Architecture & Interior Design?

Thus, it's architecture or interior design with a smart twist. Lighting has always been the Achilles heel of major businesses. Aside from furniture such as chairs and tables, providing excellent lighting for facilities and employees alike is a major undertaking and therefore not to be taken lightly. The aesthetic features of an innovative design are but the icing on the cake. 

Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

For the truth is, in the world of business, function must always come first before beauty. However, who's to say that these two special qualities cannot come together? The onus is on the architect or the interior designer to build the perfect apparatus for mass appeal and purpose. 

The Strong Foundation of Creative Design

In fact, the merging of function and aesthetics has emerged as a dominant force in the modern world--enough to make such a merger a major requirement for success in engineering, architecture, and design. In the glory days of ancient Greece, designers strongly maintained the distinction between function, beauty, and elegance. To illustrate, the standard of columns delineated such a separation in the classical design culture by means of the Doric, Ionic and Corinthian foundations.

Major Architectural Foundations

That the Corinthian column is not really a foundation in the truest sense of the word belies the distinctions. Such a column is simply meant for decorative purposes and therefore doesn't really support a structure in any architectural scheme. The wise, as well as modern designer, would do well to amalgamate the subtle yet classical differences between columns along with other features.

The Grande Bretagne Achievement Record

Traditional British architecture is slowly waking up to the call of eclectisism in design elements. Still, the force is in the works like a sleeping giant. It is best seen in the ever-increasing utilisation of glass and metals in building composition. 

The force of economics, and in particular world trade, exert the same pressure on the discipline like the earth does in forming a diamond. Old-world designers just cannot afford to exist in a vacuum anymore. They need outside along with influences from within just to be able to further their careers or earn more.

Celebrity Architects and Their Contributions

At the same time, there is always joy as well as pride in crafting the next big-ticket winner in the architects' game from both a country and a global perspective. The collective action of UK designers has made it possible for business establishments not to have to source creative ideas from outside the country. Just some famous names are Assael, Pugin & Pugin, and Zaha Hadid.

The list goes on and on. There simply no end to creativity. If the Romans have mastered water management through the aqueducts, surely, the absence of modern plumbing or any other factor shouldn't be seen as a major hindrance to effective design or for that matter, design excellence.